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About Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

"I have owned and operated Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping for over 25 years.  Evergreen began in 1986 with one lawn mower and has become one of Worcester County's fastest growing companies. The company has transformed over the years into a well known business throughout Worcester County, Massachusetts, with an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction by providing superior quality work.  I am driven and dedicated to my work and have a strong desire to continue to learn and grow with each new endeavor.

Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation has serviced many contracts both residential and commercial. Our accomplishments have included the use of both softscape as well as hardscape materials. We recognize that the uses of different landscape elements are important for any landscape design to be successful. We believe that we have the ability to identify our client’s needs and what is required to beautify and create either a formal or natural setting to any landscape project.

Of those projects in the Worcester County Area, we work with Worcester Housing Authority on two of their projects: North Street and Providence Street. We have also worked with the Worcester Parks Department successfully accomplishing capital projects which entail unique and distinctive knowledge of landscape design.Those projects include; the formation of a handicap baseball field, a soccer field, the conversion of a softball field into a baseball field, the reconstruction of a track/soccer field into a football field, and renovating an existing softball field.

We have worked with schools, office buildings, restaurants, and condominium complexes designing and implementing ideas to produce a very inviting, pleasant, atmosphere. Our residential and commercial projects have consisted of providing unity that includes consistency and repetition. It is taking alike elements like plants, plant groups, or décor and repeating their use to create a sense that some or all the different elements of the landscape fit together to create a whole" ..............Robert Stuart

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