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Walkways and Stairs

Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation specializes in Custom Built Walkways and Stairs that will suit any type of House Design. Walkways made of brick, pavers, or natural stone lead visitors to the front door, a showpiece garden, or a private nook in a far-off corner of the yard. They provide a structure to the landscape that can be formal or natural, squarely patterned or framed by lichens, mosses, and sedums. Let us create that walkway that adds to the look and feel of your landscape. 

We work with all kinds of materials and will create a space you can be proud of. We also create stairs that are not only safe but a beautiful addition to your walkways. Take a look at some of our projects below by clicking on a photo. A choice of different kinds of stones such as: slate, blue stone, brick pavers, and granite. 

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