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Lawn Installation / Maintenance / Hydroseeding

Evergreen Lawn Maintenance & Landscape Corporation specializes in Lawn Installation, Maintenance and Hydroseeding for Residential and Commercial Projects: Annual & Perennial Planting, Tree and Shrub Planting, Soil Preparation, Grading and Drainage, Sod and Turf, Slice Seeding, Hydroseeding, and Artificial Turf. Click on photos below.

Landscape Maintenance Programs Residential

A regular, well-thought-out landscape maintenance plan is the best way to protect your outdoor investment. A beautiful yard says something about the homeowners. Whether subtle or dramatic, a well-kept, well-loved yard sends a special message. Just as important—from the street, a lovely landscape can make a house stand out, which is important when it comes time to sell it.After spending a lot of money on your residential landscape installation, it only makes sense to protect it and make sure it develops as designed. And that’s where a landscape maintenance program comes in.

Fertilizer and weed-control spraying.

Bark Mulch Installation and Planting Beds.

Grass mowing, trimming and edging. We will keep your lawn looking manicure.

Lawn aeration and over-seeding, to keep your lawn lush and healthy.

Annual flower planting and replacement. We will replace flowers seasonally, to maintain a fresh appearance.

Shrub, hedge and tree trimming. We will monitor your plantings, periodically trimming them to maintain their desired shapes, sizes and heal.

Irrigation system upkeep. We will ensure that you sprinklers are operating properly when they are needed and winterized appropriately when they are not.

Hydroseeding Services from Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation

We come to assess the area to be hydroseeded. We talk to the homeowner of business to determine the type of seed that will be used, such as: athletic seed mix, a slop seed mix, a wildflower seed mix. We spray all seasons except winter. Call us for a free estimate.

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