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Commercial Clients

"We have used Evergreen for several years for landscaping and snow plowing and find the service excellent. They don’t need to be told what to do they just get it done and when you have a special request it is addressed rapidly and efficiently. They maintain all the acreage of our 15 unit condominium complex and we will continue with them.".. Jerry C., Property Mgr

Evergreen has a proven track record of supporting many of the area’s largest land developers, builders, commercial companies, homeowner associations, and property management firms throughout Worcester County for over 20 years.

Evergreen offers a full range of commercial landscape services for large and small commercial properties. We meet the landscape management needs of homeowner’s associations, apartment complexes, office buildings, and retail complexes.

Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation is here to help with all your commercial landscaping needs. Please contact us to discuss the landscaping requirements of your commercial property.

Evergreen will work with you to understand your expectations and budget, and will make recommendations to improve your property based on our discussions. This may include things like using native plants, adding moisture sensors to your irrigation system or add more lighting to improve safety.

Contact our President & CEO, Robert Stuart, today to explore how Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation can best serve you and your clients. References available upon request.

For Realtors and House Sellers - Curbside Appeal

Curb Appeal always adds extra value to a home and Evergreen Lawncare will work alongside you in designing and implementing a plan and design to increase the value of your property. We will work within your budget to beautify your property to attact prospective buyers. Call us today to look at our portfolio of designs! Below are two properties getting ready to be listed for sale

We understand the pressures on property managers are great. With security, budgeting and demanding tenants, time management becomes a major focus. We cannot reduce the stress but can reduce the amount of time needed in managing your landscape needs with our maintenance services. 

Evergreen Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Corporation specializes in maintaining office parks, corporate campuses, retail spaces, multifamily residential, industrial parks and hospitality. 

Maintenance Services: Turf and Field Mowing, Aeration, Fertilization, Pruning and trimming, Weed management, Annual Contracts

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